Terms & Conditions

Welcome to your booking with Photic Inc. By booking through our portal, you agree to all of our following terms and conditions as setf orth in this agreement:


Photo Packages

  • Photos will be released within 24 hours from the day of shooting
  • Edited images will be provided, originals are not included
  • All photo packages include high resolution images, and will be provided in a 3000 pixel-wide format. MLS-optimized images will also be provided

Video Packages

  • Video will be released within 48 hours from the day of shooting, unless otherwise discussed. Requests or additional revisions will extend this timeline
  • Edited video only will be provided. Original raw footer will not be included


  • All our iGUIDE and Matterport Packages, pricing includes the capture of homes up to 2500 sqft
  • All iGUIDEs will be released within 24 hours from the day of shooting
  • Matterport virtual tours will be sent within 3 business days. 
  • Prices are based on homes 2500 sq. ft. or less. Larger properties are subject to additional charges.  
    • Normal iGuide packages charge $40 per each additional 500 sqft
    • Premium iGuide packages charge $65 per each additional 500 sqft
  • Total amount of sqft listed on the order form will be validated with our own measurements. Includes measurements taken in basements and additional buildings. If the total sqft measured is over the amount listed at time of scheduling, the difference will be billed as an additional fee
  • Virtual Tour is made available for 1 year from the time of activation for all our iGuide and photo tour products. 
  • Matterport tours include a hosting period of 3 months.  
  • Matterport monthly fees will apply at the 3 month-mark. From that point forward you will be charged at a rate of $9.99 per month per tour if required to be live longer. Contact us for scope of support.


Pricing, Travel, and Rates

  • Waiting time is not included in our schedules. Please ensure the property is ready to be shown upon arrival. Failure to to do may result in additional time charges
  • Our team charges $0.20 cents per kilometer for travel outside our core service areas. We will provide a quote for each project, depending on distance to cover our time and expenses.
  • You must notify our team ahead of time or use our booking onboarding form to specify any features or angles you wish our team to focus on. Our team reserves the right for creative for what they feel is the best approach for the unique space. This may not fall inline with your expectations, so let us know ahead of time what you would like to see
  • We all love pets. But we ask that they be safely put somewhere during our shooting time. We don’t want to step on anyone while, and we would hate for their presence to negatively impact the final product
  • Please, no open houses during the time of a shoot.


Weather & Cancellations

  • A fee of $50.00 CAD will be charged for cancellations that are sent after 5:30 p.m., the day prior to the start of your shoot
  • We will also charge a 50% if the cancellation happens after we are already on-site.
  • We unfortunately cannot make any promises that these packages will be produced in good weather. Factors like weather, location and safety may cause the appointment to be cancelled. Our team will evaluate flying and weather conditions when we arrive on site.
  • If weather is expected to negatively impact the day of your shoot, then please consider rescheduling. Standard cancellation policies still apply. Our team will shoot in all weather and always do our best irregardless.


All disputes should be shared with the Photic Inc. team immediately so we can do our best to resolve all your concerns. If for any reason, disputes cannot be resolved between Photic Inc. and our client, and litigation arises that causes purchaser of any Photic Inc. product or service to bring litigation against Photic Inc. or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, subcontractors or employees, all parties do hereby agree that maximum damages to be awarded will be a total amount no-greater than the amount paid to Photic Inc. when rendering services. 

Had a poor experience with a member of our team? Please reach out to our admin team via our complaints form.