Photo Rights, Usage & Credits

Our photo, video and digital services are intended for the sole use of marketing a home for sale.


All work delivered to the Real Estate Agents and/or Brokerages in our packages are licensed not to be used commercially, or for other uses outside of MLS, Real Estate Agent listing websites, and other pre-determined marketing related uses. If you have concerns around a use case, contact us at


All uses and promotions of Photic materials are strictly prohibited and fall under the acceptable use policy found in our Commercial license agreements. These include: primary residence, model homes, rental properties, and businesses for advertising outside of marketing the property.


Any usage of Photic services must include credit back to our website via a link:


Rights not granted are reserved exclusively to Photic Inc. and its affiliates. This includes all rights in preliminary mockups and materials, and any/all non-electronic rights. You may not share or sell our materials to other brokerages, agents or third party vendors.  All interested parties wanting to leverage our materials should contact Photic Inc. to purchase the commercial right. 


Have questions about our policies? Contact us at .

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