The Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: How to Save Thousands on Your Next Marketing Campaign

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    You’ve just launched your real estate marketing campaign, and are feeling more confident about the results you’re getting than ever. You’ve worked hard on your marketing plan, but now you need a little help in understanding what it all means. To help you get everything right the first time, we’ve put together some of the top mistakes you should be avoiding when conducting your next marketing campaign.


    1. Not knowing the right people to target

    It’s important to know the right people to target for example if you’re selling a product to a male audience, you should know who the target is and the type of person who would benefit from buying your product. If you’re selling a product to a female audience, you should know the type of people who would benefit from buying that product.If you can find the right balance where you know who you’re targeting but also know what kind of person they are, the relationship will be successful and efficient. On a side note, knowledge is power. Know what people do without them even knowing you know it. This technique will help you come up with creative ways to communicate with your audience. To unveil this, start by coming up with a list of questions first. Then, combine those questions into mini-lessons that your customer can learn from. For instance, one example can be — “What is a marketing drill-down that you can think of that will help your audience?” Then research your target audience to understand what exactly they do and figure what you can explain in one sentence. Turn those into practice questions and try to use them. It’s easy to lose track of our own thoughts if we’re not mindful of them. Reading and writing are two of the best ways to observe your thoughts. When thoughts cross into your journal you can see their outcome. Journaling helps you understand your thought process. It provides you with the opportunity to neutralize negative emotions that could otherwise take charge. It allows your mind to empty itself and not think about anything to do with a given topic. To get started, create a free journal on Google Drive or a desktop application such as Evernote or Shareaza, enable writing mode and set a time limit. You can either keep a written record of your thoughts or you can download a note-taking app for that purpose. One of the best ways to gauge success and efficiency is by analyzing analytics.


    2. Failing to find out which of your competitors have been advertising, and what they have been saying about your industry

    If you don’t know your competitors, then it’s difficult to know how to position your brand and what you can do to stand out from them. You need to find out what your competitors are saying about your industry and what they’re doing to advertise and market themselves. Here we’ll be looking at many of these competitor websites. But first, it’s important to note that Google will only penalize you if you’re using “inappropriate keywords.” The best way to find competitors is to sign up for a paid newsletter. Essentially, you’re getting a list of keywords (the directories). You can take keywords out and still be able to search online for them. To search, simply type in the task you want to perform in now, then you’ll be presented with hundreds of keywords to choose from (including unapproved ones). On the service provider page, simply click through the featured keywords and you’ll find a site with just as many competitors as you had in the old directory. Now to discover what they’re saying about each other. It’s easy enough to find out what competitors think about you. Just head to the topic page under the Advanced Search drop-down and be given a range of options to filter and sort these results. Keep within this range of keywords and you’ll be able to see a small sampling of the hundreds if not thousands of competitors looking to compete in the same market or using the same keywords. You need to take away a few things here. First, learn how to be different and stand out. Then use that to support and promote your branding. If you’re not being different, then your competitors will be sure to copy you in the strategy and tactics you use. Second, it is helpful and particularly for B2B service providers, to write about your competitive advantages in the different industry verticals.


    3. Not realizing that every market has different competition, and not being aware of who you should be targeting

    When you’re launching a product or service, you always have to think about who your market is. Who are your customers? What problem are you solving? Who is your competition? You’ve got to take all of this into account when you’re thinking about how you’re going to reach, appeal to, and engage with your audience.While the founder is setting the direction and vision of the company, it’s important for the CMO or business development person and CFO to understand how the business is going to be managed and made profitable. This includes not only what tools are being used, but also budgeting and a plan for growth. But first it’s important to understand what the “little things” are going to be like. You might want to break it down into the smallest steps possible and make sure they are practical and cost-effective. If you’re selling a product or service, you might want to get a quote from 5 different companies. You can then put out a call for quotes and count on getting a lot of responses. Your goal is to receive as many responses as possible. Another tool that’s emerging is services to try. Basically, you charge a certain amount of money to test out a product or service. If you’re selling a service, you might want to try out different pricing, different types of people, and determine what works best with your customer base instead of trying to offer the same service or product for all customers. A large part of what you do during the development of your business operations is course-correcting something that doesn’t work. You might realize that your pricing is off base or that you needed to offer a different service. You need to re-visit the market and see if there is a better option. Now that you know who you’re selling to based on your demographic and your products and services, you’re ready to start the marketing process. Marketing is a long-term investment.


    Conclusion: Real estate marketing is tough, but here are some simple tips to get you started. Follow them, and you’ll see that sales can come rolling in as soon as you’ve finished your marketing campaign.

    Real estate marketing is tough. After all, you’re dealing with the transaction of a home. You’re also dealing with the emotions of the buyer and seller, and you have to make sure you’re keeping everyone in the loop.However, maximizing the commission you get from that commission is essential to surviving in this industry. So, how do you do it? It all revolves around the Red Seal MLS. When people think real estate, they think Red Seal. It’s the highest ranking in the internal competition of realtors. The competitive bidding for these spots is held in the Red Seal system, where agents compete on price, square footage, and anything else that impacts the commission they get. These spots, many times, are high-end homes. And trust me, they can run you a few thousand dollars a month. As a broker, you need to be doing everything you can to get in the system. It’s important to understand how you get to be in the system so you know which spots will make the most financial sense for you. Once you get in, you can then work to enhance that position and compete for better spots. Within the system, the agent will compete in the “hot spots” for these high-end homes. These are the larger cities where the homes sell the fastest. In San Francisco, realtors run an auction at the same time San Francisco is hosting the Super Bowl. That means that the agents are competing with people from all around the world. It’s a unique market that requires a unique approach. To put it simply, you want to put your best foot forward in the local market. That’s going to get you the best results because then your competition will serve as your greatest ally. Pro tip: If you’re going to be auctioning Homes on the most expensive floor, make sure that your price tops out at closing.


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